Sunday March 26, 2017

Meet the 15-year-old taxidermist turning roadkill into art

The Teenage Taxidermist 2:02

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Tristan Meyer-Odell is a pretty normal 15-year-old guy.

He loves video games, comic books and his pets: a python and big burly dog. 

But recently, Tristan has taken up an unusual hobby.

And to support it, he has a freezer in his bedroom. It was the top thing on his Christmas wish list last year.

The freezer is now full of dead animal carcasses, patiently waiting for his attention.

With the support of his mom Gretel, Tristan Meyer-Odell is turning squirrels, rabbits and rats into art. 

Rachel Matlow's documentary is called "The Teenage Taxidermist."

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