Sunday January 01, 2017

The Music That Changed Your World: Episode 1

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One of the most popular features ever aired on The Sunday Edition is a series called "20 Pieces of Music That Changed The World." 

For the new year, we are beginning a new series with Robert Harris called "The Music That Changed Your World." 

It will air from time to time here on The Sunday Edition, and it's one that needs your participation to succeed — so please write to us at and share your stories about the albums that have made an impact on you. 

In the first instalment, Michael Enright and Robert Harris discuss an album that affected Michael personally: Jazz At Oberlin, the live album from 1953 by the Dave Brubeck Quartet. They also discuss Robert's choice: the soundtrack for the musical Wonderful Town.

Robert Harris

Musicologist and broadcaster Robert Harris

ABOUT ROBERT: Robert is a long-time music journalist, writer, teacher and broadcaster.  From 2000-2008, he was the host and producer of "I Hear Music", a weekly show presented on CBC Radio 2. He is the author of two books, What To Listen For in Mozart, and What To Listen For in Beethoven. He is the classical music critic for The Globe and Mail.

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