Waubgeshig Rice, Diane Schoemperlen

The legacy of tragedy in a family, a book of stories and pictures inspired by a 19th-century manual for Italians emigrating to the new world, and a Canadian counterpart to a classic of Latin American literature. In this episode, fictional worlds that are worlds apart.
Ilustration from the story "A Body Like a Little Nut" in "By the Book" by Diane Schoemperlen
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In this episode:

* Waubgeshig Rice onLegacy
* Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta! on Winter of the World by Ken Follett
* Diane Schoemperlen on By the Book
* Robert Wiersema: If you likeOne Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you'll love Galore by Michael Crummey

​BONUS: Selected illustrations from "By the Book" by Diane Schoemperlen

The stories in By the Book are drawn, in some cases word for word, from passages from old manuals and discarded textbooks, but the words have been reordered in a brand new way. And the stories are illustrated with collages that Diane did herself. 

The illustrations here are from "A Nervous Race" (which is based on Seaside and Wayside: Nature Readers Numbers 1 to 4 by Julia McNair Wright); "Alessandro in the New World" (based on Nuovissimo Grammatica AccelerataItalian-Inglese Enciclopedida Populare by Angelo de Gaudenzi);  "A Body Like a Little Nut" (based on The Commonly Occurring Wild Plants of Canada by H. B. Spotton); and "Consumptives Should Not Kiss Other People" (based on Ontario Public School Hygiene by A.P. Knight and Ontario Public School Health Book by Donald T. Fraser and George D. Porter).