Thursday February 16, 2017

Shelagh Rogers remembers Stuart McLean

(Shelagh Rogers)

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Shelagh Rogers interviewed Stuart McLean, author and the host of CBC's The Vinyl Cafe, several times over their tenure at the CBC. Stuart McLean died on February 15 from skin cancer. Below, Shelagh remembers her conversation with Stuart 15 years ago, when they discussed the memory of another great CBC host — Peter Gzowski.

Like you, I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Stuart McLean. Stuart was a colleague and friend — I met him when he and I worked on the CBC Radio program Morningside. That was where Stuart told his "Can't wait to hear what he has to say this week" stories, and from there Stuart continued storytelling over his many years hosting his own program, The Vinyl Cafe. His ten Vinyl Cafe books were all bestsellers, and he was a three-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. Stuart has friends, fans and listeners all over the world. Our deep condolences to his family.

Fifteen years ago, Stuart came in to talk with me on morning radio after the death of another great CBC Radio icon, Peter Gzowski. Stuart and Peter had amazing chemistry on the radio, and one of Stuart's best-loved moments with Peter was the time Stuart brought a cricket into the studio. In this excerpt from that conversation, you can hear Stuart giving me his behind-the-scenes take on what happened when he presented Peter with that cricket.

Stuart McLean — you are greatly missed. Rest in peace, and thanks for all the stories.