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Children's Book Panel, Robert Hough

Rogues, scoundrels, pirates. They're the wicked characters we love to read about from the time we're young kids. In this episode, adult fiction and nonfiction that explores some real-life scoundrels. Plus, the Children's Book Panel returns with great summer reading recommendations for young folks.
From the cover of "The Madman of Piney Woods" by Christopher Paul Curtis
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In this episode:

* Our Children's Book Panel recommends summer reading for young people
* Eric Walters, author of Hope Springs and Sleeper, answers the Proust Questionnaire
* Christopher Paul Curtis, author of The Madman of Piney Woods, on his day job in a car factory
* Robert Hough on The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan
* Randy Boyagoda reviews Mayors Gone Bad by Philip Slayton

"Hope Springs" by Eric Walters, "The Madman of Piney Woods" by Christopher Paul Curtis, "The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan" by Robert Hough, "Mayors Gone Bad" by Philip Slayton


Children's Book Panel - Summer Reading List 2015

If you can't find a good book for a child to read, who you gonna call? Children's Book Panel! (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

How do you know summer is coming?  Here at The Next Chapter, we mark it by the arrival of the Children's Book Panel.  Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington are our steadfast purveyors of excellent book recommendations for young people and they're back with their 2015 summer reading list.

The members of The Next Chapter's Children's Book Panel, Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington, recommend great summer reading for young people. 14:30


How to make a cootie catcher

When the Children's Book Panel last convened, Ken told Shelagh and Michele about the cootie catchers (a.k.a. paper fortune tellers) that are part of this year's TD Summer Reading Club.  If you can't get your hands on one of their snazzy cootie catchers, here's how you can make one of your own!