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How stereotypes about feminism drove novelist Sarah Henstra to write The Red Word

How stereotypes about feminism drove novelist Sarah Henstra to write The Red Word

Mystery novelist Gail Bowen on how to write engaging fiction

The author of The Winner’s Circle offers writing and reading tips.

Why Shawn Hitchins invented a new genre for his memoir A Brief History of Oversharing

The comedian invites readers to peek at his embarrassing moments through a series of essays.

How stereotypes about feminism drove novelist Sarah Henstra to write The Red Word

The writer and associate professor takes real world issues to a fictional campus.

Why novelist Catherine Leroux thinks you shouldn't fear translated books

The author of The Party Wall encourages readers to venture into the French-Canadian catalogue of writers.

David Huebert on living in the future described by Do Androids of Dream Electric Sheep?

The author praises Phillip K. Dick’s seminal novel.

Shawn Hitchins, Gail Bowen

Shawn Hitchins, Gail Bowen and others cover the intrigue driving Canadian literature.
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Why Preetam Sengupta found Ragged Company to be good company

The folk musician details his admiration for Richard Wagamese’s novel.

Journalist Aida Edemariam on her 20-year quest to share her grandmother's story

The author of the biography The Wife’s Tale reflects on the lives of many women through the life of her grandmother.

Margie Wolfe on the story of a sisterly bond even the Holocaust couldn't break

The book publisher shares the story of how her mother and aunt survived the Holocaust in a new picture book.

How the death of her parents inspired poet Catherine Graham to turn to fiction

Quarry follows Caitlin, an only child whose life shifts dramatically when she learns her mother is dying.
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How Half-Breed by Maria Campbell connected musician Nick Ferrio to his grandmother

The songwriter recently read and loved Maria Campbell’s memoir Half-breed.

How a surrealist painter helped Heidi Sopinka understand aging women

Her debut novel, The Dictionary of Animal Languages, features an artist in her 90s who is illustrating a glossary of animal sounds.

Why if you liked Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries, you'll enjoy Steven Price's By Gaslight

Columnist Donna Bailey Nurse talks about how both are big books that give big experiences.

3 books that helped Susan Juby examine feminism today

The columnist reviews Caitlin Moran's How to Be a Woman, F-Bomb by Lauren McKeon and One Day We'll All be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul.

Margie Wolfe, Heidi Sopinka

Margie Wolfe, Heidi Sopinka and more discuss stories by and about women.
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Why Tyrell Johnson loves Patrick Rothfuss's The Kingkiller Chronicle

The author of The Wolves of Winter talks about the story he rereads, but never gets old.

Why Lorri Neilsen Glenn explores her family's history in Following the River

The author looks into her family history and her Cree-Métis ancestry via the tragic death of her great-grandmother.

Why journalist Katherine Ashenburg wanted to explore the nature of female friendships in her debut novel

The author of Sofie & Cecilia talks about blurring the line between fiction and nonfiction.
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Why IsKwé loved Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids

The Juno Award-nominated artist reads the work of another musician.

Why Tom Rachman wanted to explore the art world in his latest novel

The author of The Italian Teacher openly discusses longstanding myths about the arts.

Why Ven Begamudré's memoir about his family's history is a mix of poetry, fiction, photos & journal entries

Extended Families: A Memoir of India is a nominee for a 2018 Saskatchewan Book Award for Regina Public Library Book of the Year.

Tom Rachman, Katherine Ashenburg

Tom Rachman, Katherine Ashenburg and others discuss art and illusions in fiction.

Jane Urquhart on how airport art inspired her latest novel

A mural in the Gander airport helped bring The Night Stages to life.

Billy-Ray Belcourt on the meditative power of prose

The Cree poet and scholar on his debut poetry book.