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Ottawa should rethink carbon pricing plan: Saskatchewan premier

With the September deadline for provinces to tell the federal government about their plans for a price on carbon pollution nearing, Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe says it's Ottawa that should take a look at its plan, not the provinces.

Premiers ask federal government to delay Greyhound service reductions

The country's premiers are pushing the federal government to step in to ensure rural communities have safe access to transportation after Greyhound announced they were cancelling their bus services in western Canada.

Atlantic provinces await details on national pharmacare plan

The premiers of three of Canada's Atlantic provinces are anxiously awaiting more details on a national pharmacare strategy so they can evaluate the impacts of the federal government's proposal on their jurisdictions.

Ambassador rejects Trump's justification for tariffs on Canada

Canada's ambassador to the U.S. says President Donald Trump's repeated citing of national security to justify tariffs on Canada is wrong.

Interprovincial trade top priority for new minister

What's first on the agenda for the new minister in charge of federal-provincial affairs? Getting rid of internal trade barriers.

The House: Premiers meet amid federal-provincial face offs

This week on The House, guest host David Cochrane talks to the country's premiers about interprovincial trade, the carbon pricing debate and pharmacare. We also sit down with Canada's ambassador to the U.S. to break down what could be the next blow to relations between the two countries.

Midweek podcast: Justin Trudeau shuffles his cabinet

On The House midweek podcast, the CBC's Vassy Kapelos and Chris Hall break down the new moves within the federal cabinet with guest host David Cochrane. We also ask New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant, who's hosting this week's meeting of the country's premiers, for his thoughts on the changes.

Advice for dealing with Donald Trump: "Keep calm and carry on"

U.S. President Donald Trump took his confrontational approach to diplomacy to the NATO summit this week, where he sideswiped his fellow alliance leaders with a litany of accusations, questionable demands on spending levels and a sudden threat to pull out of the alliance entirely.

The House: The Disruptor-in-chief goes to NATO

This week on The House, another international summit turned into another opportunity for the disruptor-in-chief to strike. This time, U.S. president Donald Trump's targets were his NATO allies, including Canada. What does it mean for the future of the organization? We talk to retired U.S. Lt. General Ben Hodges and former Conservative Defence and Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mackay.

Father of bullying victim Rehtaeh Parsons calls Ford's sex-ed repeal 'infuriating'

The father of a girl who died after a suicide attempt that followed months of bullying and an alleged sexual assault says the Ontario government's decision to repeal the province's sex education curriculum will put more teens in danger.

Unity vital between premiers as trade battle brews, Gallant says

Despite the conflicting policy views held by some of Canada's premiers, New Brunswick's Premier Brian Gallant is urging them to remain united as Canada faces an onslaught of trade challenges from the U.S.

Midweek podcast: Trump's style from the G7 threatens NATO meeting

This week on the midweek podcast, we ask Derek Chollet, a former U.S. senior defence advisor, how President Donald Trump's approach could influence this week's NATO meeting, and what Canada should prepare for.

Cabinet ministers, MPs spar over who gets to call themselves a feminist

After a profile piece on Alberta MP Rachael Harder was published in the Globe and Mail, including comments from her suggesting the Liberals act like they "own the definition of feminism," two female members of cabinet took to Twitter to defend their party.

The House: Donald Trump takes aim at NATO

This week on The House, the former U.S. Representative to NATO, Douglas Lute, looks ahead at a potential explosive meeting of NATO leaders next week. Then, we discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's handling of an allegation of inappropriate behaviour that dates back almost two decades.

What should be expected of politicians after allegations of sexual harassment surface?

The way the public, media and parliament are addressing groping allegation against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises questions about what should be expected of men in positions of power after allegations surface, according to a public educator who provided anti-harassment training at the Liberal party convention this year.

Advice on how to handle Donald Trump from a former NATO representative

Douglas Lute, the former U.S. Representative to NATO, is instead advising Canadian leaders to continue the same tactics they've employed thus far with the unpredictable leader.

Ottawa will step in if Ontario doesn't replace cap and trade

The federal government says Ontario's new government has until September to recalibrate its approach to climate change.

Midweek podcast: How Mexico's next president will deal with Canada

On The House midweek podcast, guest-host Catherine Cullen talks to Hugo Perezcano, a former counsel on international trade to Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, about how the outcome of the Mexican election will impact NAFTA talks and what that could mean for Canada.

Tariffs list open for tweaks, Freeland says

Canada's foreign affairs minister says the federal government is willing to look at further reshaping the retaliatory tariffs list meant to counter U.S. duties.

The House: Trade dispute with Donald Trump escalates

This week on The House, with retaliatory tariffs running into the billions of dollars being levied on a wide range of American goods in response to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum, we ask Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland about her plan to settle the trade dispute with the United States. We also have a feature conversation with the leader of the Official Opposition, Andrew Scheer.

Tariffs 101: An explainer

The House asked Laura Dawson, director of the Wilson Centre's Canada Institute, to break down the intricacies of the duties — Tariffs 101, if you will.

Scheer sees role for notable Conservatives in fixing trade dispute

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says he believes former prime minister Stephen Harper could be helpful as Canada navigates a tumultuous relationship with the U.S.

Midweek podcast: The fight against fake news

This week on The House midweek podcast, we chat with digital media expert Fenwick McKelvey about Facebook's plans to tackle misinformation on their site in Canada. Chris Hall also talks to Saskatchewan finance minister Donna Harpauer about the outcome of Tuesday's meeting with Bill Morneau, her federal counterpart.

Addressing unanswered questions about cannabis legalization

The House asked MP Bill Blair, the government's point man on the two pieces of cannabis legislation, to shed some light on some of the unanswered questions that remain.

Canada needs to step up in migrant crisis, experts say

Migration experts say it's time for Canada to help address the root causes driving people to cross borders illegally.