Wednesday November 08, 2017

Snack on This

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(Ben Shannon/CBC)

Can the Fridge Light team choose, once and for all, the greatest snack of all time? We find out at our first ever live show, recorded at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival

This week on The Fridge Light, there's more to a snack than meets the eye. Snacks are time machines, structuring our hours and days, and tapping into our collective memories. 

  • Chef Dustin Gallagher takes us into the kitchen at 416 Snack Bar to see what makes for a perfect midnight snack.
  • We challenge Suresh Doss, Jen Chan and Neda Magbouleh to bring us the best snacks from around the world — all found in Toronto's vibrant suburb of Scarborough.
  • Historian and chip enthusiast Janis Thiessen tells us why we should drop the shame associated with snacking. 

Plus: which tasty treat will emerge victorious in our live snack tournament? And how did we set off the fire alarm trying to figure it out?

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