Wednesday October 04, 2017

One Word: Yeasts

(Ben Shannon/CBC )

Listen to Full Episode 42:58

Yeast — yes, yeast — is revolutionizing the way we eat and drink, how we produce milk and meat, and even how we get high.

In this episode, join host Chris Nuttall-Smith on a journey deep into the secret life of yeast.

Chris heads into the woods with brewmaster Sam Corbeil who makes beer with the help of forest air. Winemaker Norman Hardie and sommelier Merrin McHugh talk about wild yeast wrangling and why natural yeasts make for the best wine. Baker Simon Blackwell introduces Murray, the sourdough starter responsible for his delicious loaves. Catherine Price gets Chris to test out the yeast eating fad of the 1920s. Richard Priess, Angus Ross and Nate Ferguson of Escarpment Labs show off their astonishing yeast collection. Plus, microbiologists Ben Wolfe and Christina Agapakis discuss the incredible untapped potential of this humble fungus.

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