Wednesday October 04, 2017

One Word: Yeasts

(Ben Shannon/CBC )

Listen to Full Episode 42:58

Yeast — yes, yeast — is revolutionizing the way we eat and drink, how we produce milk and meat, and even how we get high.

In this episode, join host Chris Nuttall-Smith on a journey deep into the secret life of yeast.

  • Chris heads into the woods with brewmaster Sam Corbeil who makes beer with the help of forest air.
  • Winemaker Norman Hardie and sommelier Merrin McHugh talk about wild yeast wrangling and why natural yeasts make for the best wine.
  • Baker Simon Blackwell introduces Murray, the sourdough starter responsible for his delicious loaves.
  • Catherine Price gets Chris to test out the yeast eating fad of the 1920s.
  • Richard Priess, Angus Ross and Nate Ferguson of Escarpment Labs show off their astonishing yeast collection.

​Plus: microbiologists Ben Wolfe and Christina Agapakis discuss the incredible untapped potential of this humble fungus.

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