Wednesday March 29, 2017

The five-second rule is gross

Listen 13:21

You are what you eat for this debate, as Ron Josol and Steph Tolev get dirty discussing the controversial five-second rule.

Like a concerned parent, Ron employs scare tactics to make sure the audience never considers eating off the ground again.

A lot of people think if the ground is dry, then it's actually okay to eat food that falls on the ground. ...But what if you're eating food at Ron Jeremy's house? - Ron Josol

But Steph picks that point up off the floor—just like she would anything else.

My parents' floor is spotless. I could eat lasagna off it. And I have. And I will again. - Steph Tolev

Is the five-second rule fact or fiction? You probably shouldn't take it from us, but do take up this debate!

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