Saturday November 04, 2017

You can never get enough fiddle!

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Don't call it a violin.

The fiddle literally takes centre stage in this Charlottetown debate thanks to Patrick Ledwell and fiddler Mark Haines, who've come to teach Seán Cullen and the rest of Canada how to jig.

As Mark will tell you, it's fun to fiddle. With yourself and others. - Patrick Ledwell
The main difference between the two is tempo control. - Mark Haines

But the ever-plucky Sean won't be strung along by this music lesson.

Fiddling is a symptom of a larger disease in this part of the country. Every time someone starts fiddling, people drop everything and caper around like fools! How do you get any work done? - Sean Cullen

Whose beat will the audience choose to stomp with? Get playing and find out!

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