Debaters North Vancouver Show

(Photo by John Hryniuk/Edits by Ben Shannon)

November 21

Be it resolved some whales should be kept in tanks
Dan Quinn vs. Erica Sigurdson

Be it resolved every relationship needs a boss
Sophie Buddle vs. Mayce Galoni

Be it resolved it ain't easy being big
Fatima Dhowre vs. Mike Delamont

Be it resolved letter grades are needed on report cards
Derek Seguin vs. John Cullen

Be it resolved any role in film or TV is a good role
Darcy Michael vs. Morgan Brayton

Be it resolved Christmas cuisine is weird and unappetizing
Ali Hassan vs. Special Guest

November 22

Be it resolved we should stop and smell the roses
Simon King vs. Jon Steinberg

Be it resolved you should never give advice
Kristeen von Hagen vs. Sterling Scott

Be it resolved putting kids in a daycare is better than having a nanny
Charlie Demers vs. Julie Kim

Be it resolved humans need to stop bringing their dogs everywhere they go
Kevin Banner vs. Kyle Bottom

Be it resolved New Years Eve is the worst night of the year
Ivan Decker vs. Katie-Ellen Humphries

Be it resolved the Peanuts are the funniest funnies
Jenny Hamilton vs. Graham Clark


Tapings begin at 7:30pm and run approximately three hours with one 20-minute intermission. Please arrive half an hour early to get to your seats. While The Debaters is a family-friendly show, some foul language and mature humour can be expected.