Friday December 01, 2017

French fries are the best way to serve potatoes

Fast food French fries are photographed in Southfield, Mich., Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007. Michigan State Rep. Lee Gonzales figures lots of people want restaurant fare to be healthy but don't always act like it when ordering a meal. He is sponsoring legislation that would require Michigan restaurants to tell customers which menu items contain trans fats _ and phase them out by July 2008. Artificial trans fats, short for trans fatty acids, are partially hydrogenated vegetable oils commonly used for deep frying.
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The Debaters are back in Prince Edward Island asking a vital question about the province's identity: Are French fries the best way to serve potatoes? 

When it comes to potato preparation, David Pryde makes it clear that every other option is a spud dud. 

"French fries are the best. No other potato prep comes close. Boiled potatoes? They are lip-burning starch balls that taste like pulped drywall." - David Pryde

Meanwhile James Mullinger uses politics to chip away at his opponent's argument. 

"French fries are like Republicans: Follow them on Twitter, enjoy them, just don't, for goodness sake, vote for them." - James Mullinger

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