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The law court that helps addicts get clean

Brampton’s Drug Treatment Court offers drug addicts at high risk to re-offend a choice — go to rehab, or go to jail. It’s an alternative, non-adversarial criminal court; one of 22 in the country.

A memorial, a wake and a toast to a Canadian hero — 150 years after he was assassinated

Thomas D'Arcy McGee transformed from a revolutionary Irish Catholic agitator to a Father of Confederation.

From professor-in-waiting to florist: Why some PhDs are quitting academia for unconventional jobs

They’ve come a long way from the sciences and humanities. A florist, an instrument maker, a carpenter and a bike shop owner on why they, like so many others, said goodbye to academia, and how they built their "post-ac" lives.

ENCORE | How a surrogate twin pregnancy turned into a custody battle over unrelated babies

"I didn't know that identical twins can come out not looking identical." A California surrogate mom carrying twins gets quite the surprise when she finds out after birth that one of the babies is biologically her own.

The strange, joyful history of 'Hallelujah!' from the Old Testament to today

Although the Messiah is often associated with Christmas, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus originally was conceived as a work for Easter. Our documentary, “Hallelujah People!” traces the origins and the mysteries of this wondrous word, from ancient Israel to today.

Newfoundland's March Hare hops off into the winter night

The March Hare Festival started in 1987 as a simple evening of poetry reading to break up a Corner Brook winter. This month, after 31 years, it had its grand finale.

Young minds wrestle with big philosophical questions

Who am I? What is happiness? What is real? B.C.-based teacher Tiffany Poirier puts philosophy in the classroom along with the three Rs.

Why one school board believes studying music is essential for all

Music education has been under siege in Ontario over the past two decades. But not in Windsor, Ontario. Its Catholic school board has promised every student the chance to study with teachers who have degrees in music.

Big Brother meets Big Data, in an office near you

Welcome to a new world of workplace surveillance where every call, every keystroke, every conversation, every move you make is monitored and measured, in ways you've probably never imagined. Ira Basen’s documentary is called, “Just Watch Me.”

In search of the urge to yodel

Our documentary explores the complex and adenoidal world of yodelling. And no, it didn’t start with the Swiss yelling about cough drops. From 2011, Frank Faulk’s documentary is called “The Call of the Yodel.”

'The Bad Mother' teaches students about sacrifice and duty to ourselves

Marguerite Andersen waited until she was almost 90 to write a book about her decision to leave her two young sons in order to escape a bad marriage. Now, the book joins Ibsen and Kafka in an Ontario classroom.

La Bolduc still steals the show, decades after her short, brilliant career

88 years after her first hit record, Quebec's music superstar is making a comeback.

Bring your collar, bring your kipa… and throw those rocks!

Every Monday morning at a rink in Ajax, Ontario, about thirty clerics don their boots, pick up their brooms, sweep away their earthly cares — if not their sins — and knock a few rocks together.

He was a young refugee. She was a widowed mother of four. Their unlikely friendship has come full circle.

In 1994, Placide Rubabaza fled war-torn Burundi and landed, terrified and alone, at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, Ont. Teacher, mother and refugee activist Patricia Anzovino took him under her wings.

'Like-minded': Three 20-year-old-women reflect on the role Instagram plays in their lives

Three smart, funny, thoughtful young women are trying to change their relationship to Instagram, one of social media’s many anxiety-inducing, virtual popularity contests.