Friday October 16, 2015

Remembering Ken Taylor: A conversation with Anna Maria in 2010

Listen 22:43

The former Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor is being remembered by many today. He died yesterday at the age of 81.

Ken Taylor is, of course, best known as the former Canadian ambassador to Iran who played a key role in the rescue mission known as the "Canadian Caper."

At the height of the Iranian hostage crisis, in 1979.... when Iranian revolutionaries had seized and taken hostages from the U.S. embassy in Tehran.... Ken Taylor hid six Americans from the Iranian authorities.

Then, with the help of the CIA, he successfully smuggled them out of the country.

The episode became the basis for the Academy Award winning movie Argo, in 2012.

Anna Maria Tremonti spoke with Ken Taylor about his role in the Canadian Caper, in 2010.