Monday, January 8: Anthony Lacavera, founder of WIND Mobile

Canadian cell phone bills are still among the most expensive in the world.  Anthony Lacavera wanted to change that, and he believed his upstart company WIND mobile could do it. But he was not able to shake up the telecom industry. And he says the lessons he learned show there are bigger problems in Canada's business world — with our failure to dream big and believe our ideas can be the best. He tells Anna Maria Tremonti these problems could undermine the equal society Canadians hold so dear. 

Tuesday. January 9: Chris Kutarna on adapting in 2018 

Fake news. Russian hacking. Terrorism. Nuclear tensions. Political violence. Social upheaval. The news cycle in 2017 unfolded at a breakneck pace. It was a year that forced us to reconsider our assumptions about the way the world works. And as the changes continue to unfold into 2018 and beyond, we're asking — now what?  Chris Kutarna might have some answers. Last year, The Current spoke to him about the disruptions changing our world and now we speak to him again about how we can adapt to our chaotic times. 

Wednesday, January 10: Author David Patrikarakos 

Social media has been weaponized. From recruiting fighters for ISIS to Ukrainian activists crowd funding arms purchases on Facebook and Russian troll farms spreading fake news in the West, the web has made waging war easier than ever. And now we have the president of the United States tweeting about nuclear war with North Korea. Anna Maria Tremonit speaks with author David Patrikarakos about his new book War in 140 Characters: How Social Media is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century.