This season, The Current's season-long project is called The Disruptors: From entrepreneurs to social movements, politicians to philanthropists, events to inventions. People and their beliefs are upsetting the orthodoxy for better or worse… changing how we live, our sense of ourselves, and society. We will investigate the agitators, power shifts, and ideas shaking the status quo. 


These are disruptive times. The evidence is all around us. The forces of social media clash with "the establishment," mass migration dramatically shifts demographics, and the so-called "sharing economy" challenges traditional industries.

All season, The Current will tell stories of disruption… looking at the consequences of upending tradition. 

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Monday, March 6

Companies like Uber and Air BnB haven't just disrupted industries. They've changed the way we live. And in today, in the technology hotbed of Silicon Valley, California, there are hundreds of companies trying to be the next big start up that will disrupt our lifestyles... and lead to millions for their founders. As part of The Current's series The Disruptors, producer Peter Mitton takes a tour through some of the more surprising start ups in the Valley... from the "uber for kids," to a start up that's trying to "disrupt cows."

Tuesday, March 7

Silicon Valley tech companies have raised the ire of many San Francisco residents for driving up living costs and changing the bohemian dynamics of city life. The Current's Peter Mitton explores how tech companies are gentrifying the Golden City.

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As a director of politics and communications for former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Craig Oliver was at the centre of the government's campaign against Brexit. It was a campaign that would tear at the fabric of British society. The loss of that vote — and Britain's decision to leave the European Union — continues to have ramifications not only for Britain, but for all of Europe. Craig Oliver talks about his new book, Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit.