This season, The Current's season-long project is called The Disruptors: From entrepreneurs to social movements, politicians to philanthropists, events to inventions. People and their beliefs are upsetting the orthodoxy for better or worse… changing how we live, our sense of ourselves, and society. We will investigate the agitators, power shifts, and ideas shaking the status quo. 


These are disruptive times. The evidence is all around us. The forces of social media clash with "the establishment," mass migration dramatically shifts demographics, and the so-called "sharing economy" challenges traditional industries.

All season, The Current will tell stories of disruption… looking at the consequences of upending tradition. 

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Thursday, June 15

He's become an international star by talking about… stars. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has devoted much of his career to explaining the mysteries of the universe in language that most of us can understand. And he says science education is more important than ever now that scientists and their work are increasingly being questioned by the people in power. From pulsar's to Olber's paradox, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains astrophysics to Anna Maria Tremonti on The Current.

Monday, June 19

Author Roxane Gay is what the medical community calls "super morbidly obese" and she says the world is cruel to people her size. From theatre seats so small they bruise her legs, to stories of strangers taking foods they disapprove of out of her grocery cart... she takes us inside her world. Roxane Gay on learning to move past self-loathing and the childhood trauma that led her down the path to overeating.

Thursday, June 22

Dion Leonard was a seasoned ultra marathon runner when he took on a 250-kilometre race across the Gobi desert. He was prepared for the mountains and the sand dunes but not for the companion who joined him early in the race. A small dog started running beside him... and didn't leave his side for more than 100 kilometres. Leonard went from refusing to feed or touch the dog... to carrying it across water, sharing his rations and sleeping with the pup he named Gobi. Dion Leonard and Gobi will be Anna Maria Tremonti's guests on The Current.