Friday October 18, 2013

Conserving Vanishing Cheetahs


It can accelerate from 0 to 115 km in just seconds, making it the fastest land animal in the world. But the cheetah has not been able to outrun the threat of extinction. And like all things associated with the animal, it's numbers are Today, meet the Jane Goodall of Cheetah's and her quest to save the big cat.


Laurie Marker, the Jane Goodall of Cheetahs

Why the world's speediest land animal faces the possibility of a speedy exit ...

"Without any intervention the cheetah will be extinct within a couple of decades"

Laurie Marker, Cheetah Foundation Fund

Cheetahs can be hard to see since they've been clocked at speeds of more than 115 kilometres per hour. And now that there are only about 10,000 cheetahs remaining in the wild, they're harder to spot than ever.

They used to prowl a crescent of land stretching from South Africa to Iran to India. They've now completely vanished from as many as 20 countries. Although there's a healthy population living on a reserve in Namibia.

What if we lost the cheetah? - Ted Talk by Laurie Marker

Laurie Marker is the founder and director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Since 1990 she's researched the big cats and tried to find innovative ways to sustain the species. She was in our Toronto studio.

Helping Farmers, Helping Cheetahs - (video of the Anatolia guard dogs)

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