Lucy DeCoutere speaks out about Jian Ghomeshi: 'From smooching to smacking... there was no build up'

Another woman has come forward with a story of violence while on a date with Jian Ghomeshi. She'll give her story and and her name.
She is 44 years old. It happened over a decade ago. But the story she tells parallels those of other women stepping forward in other media and the CBC to tell of violence in encounters with Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC radio host who was dismissed last weekend. This story comes with a name, a recognized Canadian actress who is going on the record. Today, we hear from Lucy DeCoutere.

As you have heard in the media, including here on the CBC, women have been coming forward with stories of violent encounters with Jian Ghomeshi.

Following his dismissal from the CBC, the former host of Q posted a letter on his Facebook page in which he describes a sex life that includes role-playing, dominance and submission, bondage, and safe words.

He added that he only engages in sexual practices that "are mutually agreed upon, consensual, and exciting for both partners."

The stories of women now coming out paint a different picture. Until now, those women have wished to remain anonymous. But now, Lucy DeCoutere wants to go on the record.

You may know her as the actor who plays 'Lucy' on the mockumentary series 'Trailer Park Boys.' And she's a training development officer with the Canadian Forces.

Lucy DeCoutere first met Jian Ghomeshi and went on a few dates with him more than ten years ago. She joined us from Fredericton.

Last night, we contacted Neil Rabinovitch, a lawyer representing Jian Ghomeshi, to let him know this interview would be airing. He declined an interview and said there would be no comment while the matter was before the courts.

Another woman spoke out last night on As It Happens. Listen Here

This is a developing story, and the CBC's Ioanna Roumeliotis will have the latest tonight on The National on CBC TV.

This segment was produced by The Current's Kristin Nelson.


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