Alex Jones faces lawsuits after calling Sandy Hook shooting a hoax

Three defamation lawsuit have been filed against conspiracy theorist and right-wing radio host Alex Jones. The suits are in relation to repeated comments he has made calling the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a hoax.

Congo Ebola outbreak maps are riddled with errors. Volunteers are racing to fix them

Vaccines to treat affected areas of the Ebola outbreak in the Congo are available, but the maps distributed to get to them are inaccurate. Volunteer mappers are rapidly fixing this to help prevent the spread of the virus.

'The supply chain is so tightly integrated': industry reacts to proposed tariffs

The auto sector reacts to Trump's proposed tariffs of up to 25 per cent on imported vehicles.

The Current for May 25, 2018

From how U.S. President Trump's latest threat of auto tariffs affects NAFTA negotiations; to why families of Sandy Hook victims are suing talk-show host Alex Jones; to an Ebola vaccine made in Canada rolling out in the DRC ... This is The Current.

Do your kids play Fortnite? Here's how it could win them a college scholarship

As esports grow exponentially in popularity, young players are starting to take advantage of the financial opportunities that lie in becoming a professional gamer. And some universities are starting to offer scholarships to attract them.

Music industry turns a blind eye to R. Kelly sexual abuse allegations, says culture critic

For decades, American R&B star R. Kelly has been followed by allegations he's denied, yet his music career continues. Critics argue the artist's #MeToo movement is long overdue.

U.S. schools turn to facial recognition technology to help stop gun attacks

U.S. schools are adopting facial recognition technology as a way of keeping students safe, but there are concerns about privacy, particularly as the technology becomes more widespread.

The Current for May 24, 2018

From how Fortnite, the biggest E-sport in the world, is opening up financial opportunities; to the music industry turning a blind eye to allegations of sexual abuse against R Kelly; to U.S. schools embracing facial recognition A.I. to combat campus shooters ... This is The Current.

Vice reporter says RCMP's demands for his notes puts journalism at risk

As the RCMP's fight to compel a journalist to hand over his notes reaches the Supreme Court of Canada, opinion is divided over whether sources should be protected, and concerns of national security.

What can Ireland's abortion referendum teach us about election meddling in the internet age?

Ireland is about to hold a historic referendum on repealing the country's Eighth Amendment, which in effect bans abortion. As international interest in the vote has grown, it is being seen as a test case for electoral integrity.

'We have to eradicate this behaviour': RCMP commissioner tasked to reform workplace harassment

Brenda Lucki made history when she became the first female RCMP commissioner. Her task to reform the force's work culture and to foster reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples is no small feat, but she says she's committed to the challenge.

The Current for May 23, 2018

From the first woman to become RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki tasked to reform work culture; to how election integrity is playing out as Ireland is set to vote on abortion; to journalist Ben Makuch's fight to protect the identity of an ISIS recruiter ... This is The Current.

'I expected to die in there': Canadian jailed in Ethiopia for 11 years wants Ottawa to learn from his ordeal

Bashir Makhtal languished in an Ethiopian prison for 11 years, while human rights groups fought for his release. Now, back in Canada, he is asking why it took so long to secure his release.

The race for the perfect red: Why we still haven't cracked the colour of love, excitement and blood

In the history of producing colour pigments, our efforts to make the perfect red have often resulted in shades not quite bright enough or prone to fading. But after scientists accidentally discovered a new shade of blue, the race is on to create the right red.

Female politicians push to make Parliament more family-friendly

It's Karina Gould's first day back in Parliament after taking a 10-week maternity leave. The federal Minister of Democratic Institutions is bringing her son to work, balancing motherhood and politics. But some argue that message is the wrong one for many working women.

The Current for May 22, 2018

From the case of Canadian Bashir Makhtal who spent 11 years in an Ethiopian prison; to the search for the next red pigment and how the colour became the most fought-over in history; to making the world of politics family-friendly ... This is The Current.

A vaccine for Lyme disease was shelved years ago. Is it time to bring it back?

Dogs and horses can be vaccinated against Lyme disease, but an inoculation for humans was taken off the market in 2002. As the ticks that can cause the disease become more common, some researchers are saying it's time the vaccine made a comeback.

Efforts to block hate speech on Facebook actually work to discriminate against minorities, critics say

As Facebook looks to expand its fleet of moderators, critics say the current system promotes biased decision-making against marginalized people.

Music in mind and mouth: How beatboxing is helping kids with speech problems

Kaila Mullady discovered that her incredible beatboxing skills could help her young cousin overcome a debilitating speech problem. She's been helping kids like him ever since.

The Current for May 21, 2018

From why a viable vaccine for Lyme disease has been sidelined in Canada; to the business and politics of moderating content on social media; and how beatboxing skills are being used to help people with speech impediments ...This is The Current with Gillian Findlay.

Should palace officials have done more to prepare Meghan Markle's family for the royal wedding?

The world's gaze falls on the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. But that intense scrutiny has been on Markle's family for months, says a veteran royal biographer, and the palace could have done more to help them cope.

Canada has dormant volcanoes. Climate change could wake them up

While the activity of B.C.'s dormant volcano presents no danger to the public, scientists are monitoring Mount Meager closely as climate change continues to affect the stability of rock in the area.

Why the soaring cost of vanilla could put your favourite ice cream flavour off the menu

Taking the kids for ice cream this holiday weekend? Soaring prices in the vanilla bean market are having an impact on ice cream mixtures — and a lot of other products too.

The Current for May 18, 2018

From the subtle racism towards Meghan Markle as she's set to join the royal family tomorrow; to the role climate change is having on Canada's volcanoes; to the story behind why vanilla bean is now worth more than silver ... This is The Current with Laura Lynch.

What growing old looks like when you're living with HIV

As the population of people living with HIV gets older, they face new challenges — related to their health, finances, and isolation — in unprecedented circumstances.