Sunday April 17, 2016

Ontario man pitches braking with the left foot, instead of the right

A car crashed in Saskatoon.

A car crashed in Saskatoon. (CBC )

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So, when someone sends us an email, suggesting we've been taught to do something one way, when we should be doing it the opposite way, we'll follow up.

Trevor Frith is a retired engineer, and he got in touch with us about his campaign to have the government study which foot is safer to use to brake a car.

Driving schools in Canada teach students to use their right foot to brake. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia says you should always brake with your right foot. Safe driving advocates say it's the safe method.

But Trevor Frith, the man behind, thinks right foot braking could contribute to pedal error, a situation where someone thinks they're stepping on the brake, but are actually pushing the accelerator. Pedal error can lead to collisions like this one in 2012.

While he doesn't advocate people switch over immediately, Frith would like provincial governments, or the federal government, to study the issue. 

"If it was established that the left-foot braking method was superior, then I would recommend they start out with student drivers. Baby steps. - Trevor Frith

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