Sunday January 17, 2016

From holy man to salesman

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 21:  A businessman walks along Broadway in the financial district December 21, 2006 in New York City. Wall Street's top financial firms' soaring profits this year have pushed bonuses for Wall Street executives to a record $23.9 billion, a 17% leap from last year's bonus pool of $20.5 billion. Four of the top five brokerage houses posted record earnings this year, led by Goldman Sachs, whose income jumped 68% over 2005.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
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Think of it as hearing the call - in reverse.

What happens when a pastor begins to think he's better suited to a very different sort of life?

Meet Michael Kelly, who made a career as a man-of-the-cloth... then found that the cloth wasn't a very good fit.  

 "It was like wearing a suit that looks good on me but was uncomfortable to wear."

Michael Kelly tells his story of being propelled down a path in life, listening to the little voice within, and eventually making a huge life change.

MIchael shares one of his favourite photos:

"It was taken during the first summer after I began my new career, and I can remember how happy I felt that summer, after my new job was in full swing.  I was happier than I'd been in 20 years."

Michael Kelly

(Michael Kelly)