Sunday November 06, 2016

The Market God

(Kevin Dooley)

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Two different takes on the Market - one sinister, the other benevolent. Plus, a story about challenging your preconceptions and discovering what makes a person worthy.

stories from this episode

  • The Market as God book cover

    Is the Market the new God?

    Harvey Cox has been at the forefront of divinity studies for over 50 years. But when he turned his attention from the Bible to the business pages, he realized our relationship with the market has all the markings of a religion.

    Listen 26:14
  • Southridge Jam Company

    The healing power of jam

    The Southridge Jam Company is located in the Niagara fruit-belt and provides meaningful work for people who are homeless. The goal is to help participants get back on their feet. In this documentary, you'll meet three people whose lives have been changed through making jam.

    Listen 15:11
  • Amy Silverman and Sophie

    Lessons in love from my child with Down syndrome

    Amy Silverman considered herself an open-minded person. But when her second child, Sophie, was born with Down syndrome it shook Amy's world -- and opened her heart in ways she never imagined.

    Listen 9:46