Sunday March 06, 2016

Rethinking Addiction and Mental Illness

GLASTONBURY, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 01:  The winter sun sets over Shapwick Heath a wetland reserve, on February 1, 2012 near Glastonbury, England. Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve (NNR) is a wetland reserve covering around 500 hectares and boasts of a wide variety of habitats. The reserve is populated by many species of birds plants and insects, with the winter months seeing huge flocks of starlings returning to roost.  (Photo by  Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
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Shawn Lucas and Gursharan Virdee from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto have created a new tool to help determine whether someone is suffering from a mental illness or having some kind of mystical spiritual experience.

Neuroscientist Marc Lewis was addicted to drugs through most of his 20's. He says the widely-held view that addiction is a disease is completely wrong. 

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