Sunday October 16, 2016

QUIZ: Could you go 21 days without complaining?

Listen 16:22

Michael Dawson is a writer and advertising guy in Australia. One day, he started feeling his life needed a tune-up, so he decided he would try to quit complaining for 21 days straight. Think you could go 21 days without complaining? Take our Tapestry QUIZ to find out! 

The story behind Michael Dawson's no complaints experiment... 

"I sort of had a nagging suspicion that complaints are a little bit like cigarettes. They might feel good at the time when you're having one, but perhaps they're a little bit toxic and not that good for you and you might feel better if you stopped. [...] But I think also I was intrigued by the challenge of it. I knew it would be very difficult and therefore potentially quite satisfying if I was able to do it." - Michael Dawson

To keep track of his progress, Dawson kept an elastic band on his wrist. Every time he let a complaint slip out, he'd move the elastic to the opposite wrist and start over again.

It took him six months of trial and error before he was able to get through 21 days straight without uttering a single complaint. No whining, no whining, no griping. Nothing. Sometimes, he had to stay silent altogether to keep from complaining.  

Want to know the hardest part of going complaint-freeā€¦ and the surprising way it can change your life? It's not what you'd expect! Click Listen to hear Michael Dawson's story.