Friday December 27, 2013

Frank Faulk's Tarot Deck / Worshipping at the Altar of Vodka and Cocaine

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Photo credit: Living in Monrovia

Frank Faulk loves his tarot cards. But he's on the fence: are they an ingenious tool for self-discovery? Or just a fortune-tellers' trick?  Either way, he's fallen under their spell. Frank's very funny story is called Looking For Faith In All The Odd Places. 

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Later in the show, Don Lattin worked in the newspaper business for 30 years, covering the god beat. Now that he's written a memoir, Lattin comes clean.  For the longest time, he was really worshipping at the altar of vodka and cocaine.

We also hear from McGill University's Carlos Fraenkel. He's working on ways to take philosophy out of high academia, and smack into real life.  The quest has taken him to Brazil, where every teenager must study the great thinkers; it's the law.