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The Griefcast podcast finds humour in the darkness

Comedian and actor Cariad Lloyd is the host of Griefcast, a podcast where funny people talk about death and grief.

Better ways to live with grief

Grief isn’t something you can "get over" — but guest host Christa Couture wonders if it’s something we can live with.

Consoling a grieving friend doesn't have to be awkward

Author and illustrator Emily McDowell on how to navigate others' grief.

Debunking the 5 stages of grief

Guest host Christa Couture knows grief intimately after experiencing the loss of two children. She asked psychologist David Feldman if denial can be a good thing and what hope looks like in the face of a painful loss.

Sickboy podcast laughs in the face of terminal illness

Jeremie Saunders, 29, suffers from cystic fibrosis. He knows the disease will eventually kill him. But instead of wallowing in private despair, Saunders did the opposite: He started a podcast where he has frank and funny conversations about death and illness.

Facing change whether you want to or not

A few of our favourite stories from past seasons of Tapestry.

From ashes to glass beads: honouring a daughter's dying wish

A feature documentary about India Buxton Taylor, a 16-year-old girl who died of an extremely rare neurodegenerative disease, and the special pilgrimage her parents made to Japan to honour their daughter.

Psychologists says editing your personal narrative could improve your life

Stories have a powerful effect on the human imagination. And the stories we tell ourselves are no different. Turns out understanding the power of our internal narrative, and taming our inner-critic, can bring about change in our lives.

My relationship with God started when I cut my hair

Briana Whiteside never thought cutting off her shoulder-length hair to regrow it naturally would lead to a religious epiphany.

Women deserve to be more angry more often, says writer Soraya Chemaly

Women are often told not to be angry but award-winning writer and activist Soraya Chemaly wants to change that.

A case for anger

We need to find ways to channel our anger. To put it to good use. To strike a balance between anger and apathy; rage and reason.

A Sikh man found forgiveness with help from a former white supremacist

Pardeep Kaleka's father was brutally killed in a race-based shooting. Arno Michaelis is a former neo-nazi who founded the white supremacist group of the shooter. How did they become friends — by dealing with their rage.

Meet Tapestry's Summer Hosts

Samira Mohyeddin, Christa Couture and Yassin ‘Narcy’ Alsalman are taking over for nine special episodes that look at everything from belonging to our relationship with our bodies.

The Longing for Belonging

Who am I? Where do I belong? Why can't I be just me? Be the first to listen to our messy and complicated exploration of identity.

How history shapes who we are

What happens when you end up belonging nowhere?

Futureface: One woman's quest for belonging

Journalist Alex Wagner went on a quest to "find her tribe." This is what she discovered.

Why Catholicism and high fashion are a match made in heaven

Anne Higonnet, a professor of art history at Barnard College at Columbia University, unpacks the Catholic clothing imagination — and says nuns can help you look chic.

Soulful Self-Expression

How self-expression nourishes the soul and Catholic clothing can be chic.

'Do you see me?' Anglican priest on expressing the mind, body and soul

Reverend Daniel Brereton, a priest at St. John's the Baptist Dixie Anglican Church in Mississauga, Ontario, says a rich spiritual life, can mean expressing who you really are, even on social media.

"God delivered" Minister describes the healing power of the Beyoncé Mass

Reverend Yolanda Norton says Beyoncé-themed mass sent the real message of God: love.

Remembrance Day for Lost Species

Artist and activist Persephone Pearl on why - and how - to honour the creatures whose time on Earth is over.

Spiritual healing, Beyoncé-style

A Beyoncé mass and a ritual commemorating lost species

Blurring the line between human and machine: Meet Lindy, a Canadian cyborg

Lindy Wilkins identifies as a cyborg. "Let's say if you were to take me and put me on a USB stick I would be just as happy in a robot body.”

The New Human

Consciousness - depending on your point of view - is either the mysterious thing that makes you human - or a quality you will one day share with artificial intelligence. And what you gain - and what you might lose - when you're a cyborg.

Oxford physicist predicts AI will be human in all but name

Renowned physicist David Deutsch on the evolving question of what it means - and what it might one day mean - to be human.