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'Ganja is not a drug': Bob Marley's granddaughter on Rasta spirituality

Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of the world's most famous Rastafarian, Bob Marley, explains why marijuana is considered a sacrament in her religion.

Adopted man reconnects with birth family but doesn't have fairytale ending

When Neil Schwartzman unexpectedly reunited with his birth family, things were great - until the family secrets started spilling out.

Black woman's DNA test reveals surprising lineage

How a DNA test changed a whole family's sense of identity.

Connecting with your roots - for better and for worse

Rastafarian Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of the world's most famous Rastafarian, Bob Marley, explains why marijuana is considered a sacrament. And Guest host Ali Hassan talks to several adopted people who are reunited with their families, for better or for worse.

How I became a singer after music was taken from me

When D!XON's family's converted to fundamentalist Islam when he was a teen, music was suddenly forbidden and his dream of becoming a singer seemed impossible. Now, D!XON opens up about his tumultuous journey to becoming a pop singer.

We Matter: bringing hope to Indigenous youth

We Matter is a campaign bringing hope to Indigenous youth who are struggling with addiction, abuse, and mental health issues.

Philosopher says fellow atheists should give religion - and peace - a chance

A lot of atheists dismiss religious believers as... how to put it politely... not too bright. Philosopher and atheist Tim Crane believes his fellow atheists should develop a more sophisticated understanding of religion and be more tolerant of religious believers.

Opioid addiction in the heart of Mormon country

Utah is home to the Mormon church. Utah also has the seventh highest overdose rate in the United States. Geoff Turner, the host of CBC's On Drugs, travelled to the heart of Mormon country to investigate whether or not there's a connection between religion and drug use. This is his report.

Drugs and Peace

Geoff Turner, host of CBC Radio's On Drugs, gives a special report on the intersection of religion and opioid addiction in Utah, the heart of Mormon country. Philosopher Tim Crane says his fellow atheists are too quick to dismiss religious believers. He argues why atheists should give religion a chance.

"Jesus Christ is my chief Druid": meet the Anglican Priest who is also a pagan

Calling himself a ‘green priest,’ Rev. Shawn Sanford Beck lives off-grid in Saskatchewan where blends his Christian faith with a deep respect for nature using neo-pagan traditions.

How to binge-watch to improve your mental health

Vegging with a bowl of popcorn and a good series - it's a 21st-century past time that isn't going anywhere. According to a psychologist from Berkeley, California, there's a way you can transform that guilty pleasure into a positive experience that boosts your mental health.

When Googling God is not enough: new mom goes on quest to find answers for her daughter

From a soulful spin class to chanting chakras, hear how a spiritually rudderless first time mother discovered the answers to the questions her daughter hadn't even asked.

Joy on demand: the three second fix

In his new book, Joy On Demand, Chade-Meng Tan gives practical advice on how you can easily and quickly access joy. He believes you can train yourself to experience joy with a few simple exercises.

Meditation is a necessity, not a luxury: Christian monk

Benedictine monk and international teacher Fr. Laurence Freeman explains why meditation is an essential practice for our times, and for all time.

'I will never put an institution over human lives': A black Baptist minister acts against white supremacy

Lawrence Ware is a university prof, a philosopher of race and an ordained minister who left the Southern Baptist Convention while they voted on whether or not to condemn white supremacy.

The acid attack survivor who became a comic book superhero

Each year hundreds of girls and women around the world become the victims of gender-based acid attacks. It’s the focus of a new comic book, Priya’s Mirror. Inspired by the true story of acid attack survivor Monica Singh, the comic aims to raise awareness and challenge the root cause of acid attacks.

Sacred by design: experience a church through the eyes of a priest-turned-architect

"The perception of the whole place makes you feel in a different dimension." David Pereyra explains the architectural elements when creating a sacred space.

Procrastinators are people too (and they actually get things done)

Procrastination. It's the butt of jokes, it's a source of shame, and, according to psychologist Mary Lamia, it's been treated as a pathology for too long.

Beautiful British Columbia vs Friendly Manitoba: Where you live may influence your spirituality

Paul Bramadat from the University of Victoria investigates how our particular geographic location informs our spirituality.

Living your best life

Don't worry, no new year's resolutions here. Instead we offer you a sampling of collected wisdom from our guests as a kind of companion on the road as you stroll into the year ahead.

The athlete's dilemma: to dope or not to dope

Doping can create a dilemma for competitive athletes that’s hard to shake. It can be difficult -- if not impossible -- for some athletes to have any chance of winning without taking performance enhancing drugs. But winning while doping jeopardizes the values so many of us place in sport and raises the question: can an athlete who’s doping ever really win?

Joy: A Tapestry holiday playlist

It's a time of year to try and let joy have the first word. We reached out to some 2017 Tapestry guests to help us put together an hour of joyful music of all kinds.

Inside Out - helping kids deal with messy feelings

Dr. Meredith Gillespie says the Pixar film Inside Out has given people - particularly children - a much-needed vocabulary to help express their messy feelings.

Why you should embrace boredom

Psychologist Dr. Sandi Mann would like you to try something: give boredom a chance.

Time to stop wallowing and move on, psychiatrist advises

Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Bennett and comedy writer Sarah Bennett are a father-daughter team who have written a New York Times bestselling cheeky manifesto against feelings. Their message: there comes a time when you need to stop wallowing and get on with your life.