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How a Sandy Hook mother came to forgive the shooter

Alissa Parker tells the story of her struggle to forgive the man who killed her child, Emilie, in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Hope and Mercy in Chicago and Newtown

A Muslim community activist in Chicago and the parent of a child killed at Sandy Hook both search for hope and mercy in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Muslim activist challenges perceptions of Chicago's 'notorious' south side

“Communities and people get dehumanized through a portrayal of being more ‘violent,'" says professor and community activist Rami Nashashibi.

'You're going to die': Two reactions to daily death reminders

Two Tapestry producers tried the WeCroak app, which reminds you about death five times per day. Here's what they learned about their relationship to death.

Finding meaning in death

This time on Tapestry, looking for meaning in death through an app, letters, and a woman's deathbed confession.

Woman on deathbed confesses family secret she held for a lifetime

Most patients who share their secrets with Kerry Egan want them to stay secrets but one patient insisted that her secret be told.

Death Letter Project: 50 people share their thoughts about death

Photo-artist Tina FiveAsh says death wasn't talked about much when she was growing up, which only heightened her fear of it. This was her solution.

Pulitzer Prize-winner Marilynne Robinson's philosophy of a good life

Marilynne Robinson has spent most of her 74 years pondering the big questions in a life of reading and writing for which she has won the Pulitzer Prize and the Orange Prize. She says the secret to a meaningful life — and the answer to the question posed in her new collection of essays, What Are We Doing Here? is simpler than you might think.

Family crisis leads opera singer to make pact with God

Isabel Bayrakdarian's album Mother of Light was conceived as she prayed for her mother's life. She bargained with God: if you take care of my mom, I'll sing about Your mom. The result is a collection of Armenian hymns and chants in praise of Mary.

Insights into the good life and interfaith love

Marilynne Robinson has spent most of her 74 years pondering the big questions and says the secret to a meaningful life. And Meera Estrada, a Hindu woman who married a Catholic man says that interfaith marriage isn't for everyone.

Finding a happy medium: how to make an interfaith family work

Meera Estrada is a Hindu woman who married a Catholic man. They decided to try and find a way to stretch both religious traditions to create a blended family. In order for it to work, Estrada says you need to honestly ask yourself, “Do I really respect this other faith? Do I see it as equal to my own? Do I not just tolerate it? But do I accept it and am I willing to celebrate it?”

Arcade Fire's Will Butler creates a new kind of after-party

Will Butler's Disco Town Halls bring together activists, politicians and fans to discuss issues such as prison reform and health in Haiti.

Juno nominees reveal how they find spirituality through music

An opera singer tells us why Mozart makes her want to pray. Arcade Fire's Will Butler explains how he's turned the band's after-parties into informed discussions on social change.

'You can see the heavens': Why Isabel Bayrakdarian finds spirituality in Mozart

Even in operas like The Marriage of Figaro, Bayrakdarian has found profound moments that make her want to pray.

Battle of Santiago drummer wants more women to play sacred drums

In the Santeria faith, women are discouraged from drumming. So when Magdelys Savigne decided to pursue the instrument, she got a lot of hard looks.

How an encounter with a lion brought Alysha Brilla closer to her music

In February 2015, she went on a safari in the Serengeti National Park with her father and had a revelatory experience.

Leif Vollebekk on the power of a Prince performance

Leif Vollebekk and Tapestry guest host Laurel Sprengelmeyer each saw Prince live in a 2015 concert - a show that had a lasting effect on them both.

'Ganja is not a drug': Bob Marley's granddaughter on Rasta spirituality

Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of the world's most famous Rastafarian, Bob Marley, explains why marijuana is considered a sacrament in her religion.

Adopted man reconnects with birth family but doesn't have fairytale ending

When Neil Schwartzman unexpectedly reunited with his birth family, things were great - until the family secrets started spilling out.

Black woman's DNA test reveals surprising lineage

How a DNA test changed a whole family's sense of identity.

Connecting with your roots - for better and for worse

Rastafarian Donisha Prendergast, the granddaughter of the world's most famous Rastafarian, Bob Marley, explains why marijuana is considered a sacrament. And Guest host Ali Hassan talks to several adopted people who are reunited with their families, for better or for worse.

How I became a singer after music was taken from me

When D!XON's family's converted to fundamentalist Islam when he was a teen, music was suddenly forbidden and his dream of becoming a singer seemed impossible. Now, D!XON opens up about his tumultuous journey to becoming a pop singer.

We Matter: bringing hope to Indigenous youth

We Matter is a campaign bringing hope to Indigenous youth who are struggling with addiction, abuse, and mental health issues.

Philosopher says fellow atheists should give religion - and peace - a chance

A lot of atheists dismiss religious believers as... how to put it politely... not too bright. Philosopher and atheist Tim Crane believes his fellow atheists should develop a more sophisticated understanding of religion and be more tolerant of religious believers.

Opioid addiction in the heart of Mormon country

Utah is home to the Mormon church. Utah also has the seventh highest overdose rate in the United States. Geoff Turner, the host of CBC's On Drugs, travelled to the heart of Mormon country to investigate whether or not there's a connection between religion and drug use. This is his report.