Ah, job interviews.

They're supposed to be about getting to know the applicant. A chance for applicants to really shine. A good predictor of future job performance.

But...we've all had terrible interviews, haven't we?

You went in all prepared, confident in your qualifications and then, bam! they hit you with a trick question. And maybe you just totally froze. Or told an anecdote that seemed like a good idea until it was actually coming out of your mouth.

Maybe you were really looking forward to interviewing a particular applicant and they showed up in their sweat pants. Or brought their mom with them. To the interview. Their mom.

We're not saying these are things that have ever happened to any of us on the Spark team (okay, sure, maybe they are) but today we're wondering about YOU.

What's the worst job interview you've ever had?

Let us know! Record a voice memo with your story and email it to us: spark@cbc.ca 

We want to hear from you!