Sunday October 30, 2016

Is that a ghost in your pocket?

(Michelle Parise)

Listen 8:27

The recent DDoS attack that temporarily brought down some of the world's most popular websites was top of mind this week. A DDoS attack happens when a server is overloaded with traffic.

This time, though, a lot of the networked devices doing the overloading weren't, say, desktop computers. They were household devices. So-called smart devices like internet connected cameras and DVRs.

This, frankly, gave us the creeps. Ordinary household devices acting on their own and doing some pretty spooky stuff? And just in time for Hallowe'en!

333 scary pumpkins

Tobias Revell is an artist and academic in London. Along with Natalie Kane, he curates Haunted Machines, a project that looks at technology and the occult. Tobias thinks we're lured into seeing our technologies as magical. At least, until they don't work, and flip into their oppositeā€¦.HORROR!