Sunday May 17, 2015

Test your internet performance (& crowdsource too)

Slow internet performance can be extremely frustrating.

Slow internet performance can be extremely frustrating. (Knight725/Flickr)

Do you sometimes suspect that your internet performance is not what it should be? The tools internet service providers offer to measure internet speeds may not be giving you an accurate picture of real traffic speeds.

CIRA, the folks behind the .CA domain name are launching a new online tool to anonymously test your internet performance. Along the way, they'll be gathering data about what Canadians' internet experience is really like.

Test your own internet performance here.

The residents of rural Nassagaweya, Ontario got broadband back in 2008. Problem is, it's not adequate to do the kinds of things we expect in 2015. Never mind watching online video --teachers have trouble grading online submissions, kids can't do their homework, and working from home is a headache. Councillor Cindy Lunau breaks it down for us.