The latest Facebook scandal is no surprise

The social platform is made to collect your data.

Spark 390 Full Episode

And then there were 5 Gs. How musicians can thrive in the streaming era. Zeynep Tufekci on why the latest Facebook scandal is no suprise. 'Energy poverty' is expanding the digital divide.

What will your phone get from one more G?

Beyond faster wireless speeds, 5G could further the growth of data-dependant technologies like autonomous vehicles and robotic surgery.

How musicians can thrive in the streaming era

In the age of Spotify, musicians have to be tech-savvy and cultivate a strong fan base.

Energy poverty: the hidden technology gap

Two activists are working to make sure that everybody has access to affordable energy.

The unsung heroes protecting Wikipedia from disgruntled Bachelor fans

On March 6, fans of The Bachelor exploded onto this season's star, Arie Luyendyk Jr., Wikipedia page in search of revenge.

389: Wikipedia's protectors, contextual zoning, digital phenotyping and more

The Unsung Heroes Protecting Wikipedia. Environmental design for productivity. How Apple's new "spaceship" campus may cause concussions. How you use your smartphone might also reveal whether you're depressed. New technology aims to copy human skin.

Spark is looking at fitness tech for kids - and we want your help

Today's youngsters are the first generation to be born into a "Quantified Self" world, where achievements are gamified, stats are constantly updated, and those stats can be monitored.

How your phone habits could reveal signs of depression

A new field of research that looks at how we use our smartphones holds tremendous potential to transform the current mental healthcare system.

How creating 'context zones' could turn you into a productivity powerhouse

Have you ever thought that there aren't nearly enough hours in the day to get everything done? A writer uses a few tricks to master every minute

New tech that aims to copy human skin could revolutionize prosthetics

Researchers at Stanford University could change how technology feels and looks with a flexible, skin-like material that can sense the footsteps of an artificial ladybug.

Apple's concussion-worthy HQ: Is this why you can dial 911 from the iPhone homescreen?

A newspaper reveals numerous emergency calls after employees walk into glass

New tools will read those jargony online privacy policies so you don't have to

Pribot and Polisis are free. They harness machine learning to interpret privacy policies for consumers.

Beyond the tyranny of likes and retweets: social media beyond the numbers

Scrolling through your Twitter feed turns up all kinds of metrics, such as how many followers you have or how often your tweets have been liked and retweeted. But how does that affect your experience of the social network?

Fake videos are disturbing and getting easier to make

Tools from Google and other tech companies are using AI to alter video and audio, in some cases in real time.

What wildlife conservationists can learn from Pokemon Go

The popularity of the game has taught Cassie Freund about how to get more people excited about nature.

How does your social media use stack up against other Canadians?

While Canadians love social media, there are big differences in use, depending on gender, age, income, and employment status.

Spark is looking at Google's role in Canadian schools — and we want your help.

Spark is interested in how Google is marketing itself to schools, affecting how classrooms work, impacting students' privacy, and how it’s shaping the way children think about technology.

388: Pokemon Go for ecologists, fake videos, and more.

How Canadians' social media use stacks up. Scrubbing social media of metrics. Fake videos are getting better and easier to make. A tool to read privacy policies for you. Using Pokemon Go to help real animals.

Follow-up to the wildly successful mobile game Alto's Adventure aims for more than just entertainment

Mobile game Alto's Odyssey points to the evolution of casual gaming

Workplace harassment and discrimination is underreported. Can a chat bot fix that?

A new online tool aims to make reporting workplace harassment accurate and anonymous.

The gig economy puts workers' cyber-security at risk

There is a growing digital security divide between people who work in the gig economy — for companies like Uber, Lyft, and many more — and those who have more traditional jobs.

Vero offers an alternative for Instagram users

The app offers an ad free experience and gets rid of the hated algorithmic timeline.

Are loot boxes part of the video game or illegal gambling?

Some lawmakers are concerned that children buying so-called loot-boxes with real money is akin to playing a slot machine.

Distracted by interruptions? Science offers tips for focusing

How "attention residue" robs you of your focus (and what to do about it).