New technology allows Holocaust survivors to answer the questions of future generations

Interactive exhibit provides an interactive experience


Why AI needs to identify itself. CGI celebrities are courting followers—and controversy. Breaking down the walls of the traditional museum. New technology allows Holocaust survivors to answer the questions of future generations.

Breaking down the walls of the traditional museum

Museums will become more open and collaborative

It's getting harder to tell the difference between Google's AI and a real human... and that's a problem

Why AI needs to identify itself

CGI celebrities are courting followers—and controversy

When Instagram profiles are filtered and curated beyond recognition, is it OK if the person in the pictures is created on a computer?

How Europe's tough new data protection rules affect Canadians, too

The FAQ about the GDPR


FAQ on the GDPR. Putting down your phone could make you less bored. Wearable tech that puts self-expression first. The end of passwords. Millennials are really into online astrology.

'Flow' is a key to happiness, but you may need to put down your smartphone

Getting immersed in a challenging task makes us feel better

Forget the password. No, really! They're about to become obsolete

New web standards promise an end to remembering numbers and letters

In the era of fake news, Millennials seek truth in online astrology

How star signs are making a comeback on the web

This wearable tech puts self-expression first

The fashion studio Wearable Media is creating clothing that approaches wearable tech in a new way. They argue that wearable technology will never be widely adopted until it expresses something about the wearer.

New book exposes "technochauvinism"

New tech isn't always the best solution to a problem.

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Artificial Unintelligence, the risks of public DNA databases, and how social media outsources its dirty work to the developing world.

Social media's dirty secret: workers in the developing world screen graphic content for Facebook and Google

Documentary shines a light on the dark side of social media

'Golden State Killer' arrest highlights the risks of public DNA databases

How uploading your genetic data could hurt your kin.

Documentary 'More Human than Human' explores AI, by making AI

What does it really mean to be human in the age of intelligent machines? 'More Human Than Human' is a documentary on now at Hot Docs that examines the current state of artificial intelligence.

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An AI learning to knit. Cryptocurrency for kids. Bots fighting traffic tickets. Doc directors make AI.

"Skyknit" AI creates its own hilarious knitting patterns

Janelle Shane writes comedy...using artificial intelligence. With her latest project, she trained an AI on a dataset of knitting patterns and asked actual knitters to knit 'em up.

New apps that appeal property taxes may hurt municipalities

Tools like DoNotPay and WinIt are revolutionizing the way people can contest everything from parking tickets to tax assessments. But are they are also costing cities a lot of money in administrative costs and lost revenue?

Crypto startup Pigzbe is reinventing the piggy bank for kids

U.K. company Pigzbe launched a digital wallet powered by what they're calling a 'family-friendly' cryptocurrency to teach children about saving and spending.

Thousands of apps are illegally collecting data about kids

In the U.S., privacy legislation is supposed to protect kids from having their personal data collected and shared. But a new study found that more than half of apps directed at children potentially violated those privacy rules.

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Apps directed at kids are violating US children's privacy laws. Your data plays a vital role in research. Loreena McKennitt is leaving Facebook. Uber and others are bringing 'dockless' bike sharing to North America.

Uber and others are bringing 'dockless' bike-sharing to North America

'Dockless' bike-sharing promises 'mobility as a service.'

It's not just about targeted ads. Your data plays a vital role in academic research

The Cambridge Analytica scandal left many Facebook users concerned about how their data is being used. But that same data can have great value for academic researchers.

Why Loreena McKennitt is leaving Facebook and half a million followers

The musician, known around the world for her Celtic-inspired melodies, believes there need to be some controls put on Facebook.