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On December 31, 1997, at a New Year's Eve party broadcast on live TV, Sheryl Sheppard accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Michael Lavoie. Two days later, she disappeared. In Season 2 of SKS, documentarian David Ridgen joins Sheppard's mother Odette on her search for answers.

About the host

David Ridgen

Director David Ridgen is an award-winning filmmaker and writer who specializes in hard-hitting, character-driven stories, with a passion for investigative work and narrative experimentation. His Emmy-nominated company is expanding further into areas of long-form drama and new media production.


Someone Knows Something is hosted, written and produced by David Ridgen.

The series is also produced by Steph Kampf, Chris Oke, Cesil Fernandes, and executive producer Arif Noorani.

The digital producer is Olsy Sorokina.

The music is by Bob Wiseman. Vocals by Mary Margaret O’Hara and Jess Reimer.

The SKS font is Dirty Ego by Misprinted Type