Friday August 11, 2017

Kimberley Manning on raising Florence, her trans daughter

Florence, 11, with her mother Kimberley.

Florence, 11, with her mother Kimberley. (Courtesy of Kimberley Manning)

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Kimberley Manning, Principal of The Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University, has spent decades researching gender politics.

But it's her 11-year-old daughter, Florence, who has become her most important teacher.

Florence is a transgender girl and, along with her mother, an advocate for the rights of trans children.

"Being in [a] relationship with my daughter has … in a sense revolutionized my life," Manning told Martine and Isabelle.

Manning spoke of her fears surrounding the grim suicide rates among trans adults, the impact of trans pop culture icons like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox, and why raising Florence is a "tremendous gift."

Kimberley Manning will be part of a panel at the very first edition of Canada Pride on Aug. 15 in Montreal entitled Parent Advocacy Under Trump/Trudeau: Affirmation, Access, Autonomy 

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