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Every day on Sirius XM, Rewind shares CBC Radio’s rich audio history with Canadians. Michael Enright explores the past to understand how our past informs our present. The subject matter is as diverse as Canada.

In the past season we have showcased the experience of newcomers to Canada, the melodic maritime songs of Stan Rogers, a tribute to film-maker Gil Cardinal who told beautiful stories of pain and hope, heard wisdom from Canada's favourite Star Trek captain William Shatner and explored the Black Panther movement with Canadian writer Austin Clarke, among many others. Listen to the Rewind broadcast and explore our website right here, where you can both listen and browse.

Tune in to Rewind every day on Sirius XM 169 and every Sunday evening at 8:05 pm on CBC Radio One.

About The Host

Michael Enright has been Rewind's host since it launched in March 2007. Michael also hosts CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition, and before that he hosted This Morning and As It Happens.

Michael has written for Time and Maclean's magazine and was the editor of Quest. He also worked for The Toronto Star as a political writer and was Washington correspondent for the Globe and Mail.

Rewind is written and produced by Marieke Meyer.