Wednesday November 22, 2017

Bryan Cranston on his love of acting, male bonding and his new film, Last Flag Flying

(Vittorio/Getty Images for BFI)

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For most actors, typecasting is a real concern. No one wants to get stuck playing a villain or a fool, but for Bryan Cranston, typecasting is not a problem. Cranston has played a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter, a goofball dad, a dentist and, of course, a science teacher turned meth dealer in his most notable role as Walter White on Breaking Bad

Now, Cranston is taking on a new role as a Vietnam war veteran in director Richard Linklater's latest film, Last Flag Flying. Today, Cranston will speak to Tom Power about his latest film, his many famous roles leading up to this point and what's next for him.


— Produced by Shannon Higgins