Wednesday July 26, 2017

Can Jay Baruchel save Canadian comic book superheroes?

The first issue of Captain Canuck from 1975.

The first issue of Captain Canuck from 1975. (

Superheroes like Spiderman, Superman and Batman are ubiquitous now because of film and TV, but they first came to be through comic books.

These were characters built around truth, justice and the American way. As a kid growing up in Oshawa, Ontario, actor Jay Baruchel loved those superheroes, but as an adult he's wondering why we don't have Canadian comic book heroes of our own.

Baruchel wants to revive and create Canadian comic book heroes because as a Canadian kid growing up, he longed to have a hero represent his identity through the medium of comic books.

Recently, Baruchel became the chief creative officer at Chapterhouse Comics, the largest comic book publisher in Canada. Baruchel came to studio q to talk about his new venture with q guest host Ali Hassan.

Below, watch Baruchel take part in our Drawing With series. 

- Produced by Elaine Chau