Wednesday August 09, 2017

How hitmaker Ross Golan's podcast, And the Writer Is, spotlights the writer's voice

(Courtesy of Ross Golan)

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Ross Golan has written songs for Selena Gomez, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande and Michael Bublé. In addition to writing hits for those artists and dozens of others, he also hosts a podcast that's all about highlighting the work of his songwriting colleagues.

It's called And the Writer Is... and on it, Golan interviews big hitmakers — people like Benny Blanco, who wrote "Love Yourself" for Justin Beiber; Bonnie McKee who collaborates with Katy Perry; Bebe Rexa, whose credits include "The Monster" for Rhianna and Eminem; and Desmond Child, who has written some of Bon Jovi's biggest hits.

The podcast features songwriters talking about how they write, why they write and they pull back the curtain on some of issues they face, like financial uncertainty, sexism and why it is that hardly anyone knows who they are.

Today on q, Tom Power talks to Golan about And the Writer Is...

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