Tuesday October 24, 2017

How Rebecca Northan is bringing spontaneity to theatre

(Little Blue Lemon Inc.)

Listen 9:41

Rebecca Northan's first foray into spontaneous theatre — a hybrid of structured and improvised theatre — was a one-woman show called Blind Date. There, she dressed up as a clown named Mimi and performed an entire play opposite a randomly chosen audience member as her date. It was a breakout hit and has since become an international production, with Northan starring in approximately 400 of them. Now, Northan is back with a new production called Undercover that involves one "grizzled cop" and one "audience-member-turned-rookie-detective" teaming up to solve a mystery.  

Northan stops by q today, to discuss spontaneous theatre, the thrill of working with strangers and her upcoming project.

— Produced by Cora Nijhawan