Tuesday, June 13, 2017: Nathan Fillion, Benny Boom and more

Today on q: actor Nathan Fillion, director Benny Boom and the Monkees' Michael Nesmith.
Nathan Fillion, All Eyez On Me director Benny Boom and Michael Nesmith are featured on the June 13 episode of q. (CP/Lionsgate/Facebook.com/Michael Nesmith)
Listen to the full episode1:15:44

Today on q, hosted by Tom Power: (1) Nathan Fillion reveals why he still experiences impostor syndrome; (2) All Eyez on Tupac: how Benny Boom directed a movie about a hip-hop icon; (3) from the Monkees to Bo Diddley: Michael Nesmith reflects on his infinite lives; (4) Mo Kenney, The Weeknd and more: music from today's episode.