Thursday November 30, 2017

#AfterMeToo: actor Mia Kirshner wants to ensure change happens now

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Actor Mia Kirshner wants to see change in Hollywood now.

She is one of the many women who have spoken out against Harvey Weinstein over alleged sexual misconduct, and while the #MeToo campaign has done a lot for furthering the conversation about sexual harassment and assault, Kirshner is more interested in next steps. That's why she helped organize the #AfterMeToo campaign, which will be holding a symposium on Dec. 5 and 6 to address these issues in the Canadian entertainment industry. For more information about the event, head here.

Today, Kirshner joins Tom Power to discuss what some have called a watershed moment in pop culture, and what we can do now to make sure real change takes place. 

— Produced by Chris Trowbridge