Thursday August 17, 2017

A fascinating new documentary looks into the world of female Japanese teen stars

A screenshot from Tokyo Idols

A screenshot from Tokyo Idols (Supplied)

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Director Kyoko Miyake's latest film Tokyo Idols is a documentary that looks into the relationship between female teenage Japanese idols and their fans, many of whom are not teenagers themselves, but middle aged-men.

The idols perform shows and meet their enamoured fans at meet-and-greets.

There are thousands of these idols in Japan, but Miyake's documentary focuses on 19-year-old Rio and her 43-year-old superfan.

kyoko miyake

Director Kyoko Miyake's latest film is Tokyo Idols (Supplied )

Miyake talks to q about Tokyo Idols and how it explores the concepts of youth and male fantasy in a hyper-digital world.

— Produced by Ben Edwards