Wednesday September 30, 2015

Enter Margaret Atwood's believable dystopia

Margaret Atwood on her latest dystopian novel "The Heart Goes Last" 34:44

When it comes to speculative fiction, Margaret Atwood is unnervingly good. 

The Canadian literary icon joins Shad to discuss The Heart Goes Last, her latest dystopian novel about the bleak future — informed, as always, by the bleak present.

This time, Atwood's desperate protagonists sign up for a social experiment that puts them behind bars. In a world of for-profit prisons, freedom is a tradable commodity and conformity is a survival strategy.

(And, yes, there are sex robots involved.) 

Margaret Atwood

Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood is back with The Heart Goes Last, her alarming new work of speculative fiction. (Fabiola Carletti/CBC)

Margaret Atwood

Sex robots, poverty and voluntary prison. Enter Margaret Atwood's believable dystopia. (Ben Shannon, CBC/jmiller291, Flickr CC)