Wednesday October 28, 2015

Jamie Oliver challenges our mindless consumption of sugar

Jamie Oliver challenges our consumption of sugar 22:31

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How much sugar do you typically consume? If you have no sweet clue, Jamie Oliver would like a word.

The British chef and food activist joins Shad to discuss the mindless consumption of sugar and why he's lobbying for a tax on sugary drinks in the U.K.

Oliver notes that consumers used to know when they were being "naughty" — eating cake or chocolate bars — but now that sugar's everywhere, we have to be much more careful about what we normalize.  

"Not caring is an easy place to be," says Oliver, but deciding you care is an active, ongoing thing. 

"All the mistakes happen at the supermarket, they don't happen at home."

Oliver's latest book for home cooks is Everyday Superfood.

WEB EXTRA | Shad asked Oliver to offer some quick practical tips to our listeners. Off the top of his head, he came up with these four pointers.  

Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is on a new mission: reduce the amount of sugar the average person consumes, and get them thinking about balanced eating. (