Wednesday March 23, 2016

Israeli sister act A-Wa forge funky fusion of Yemenite folk music and hip-hop beats

A-Wa - Habib Galbi (Live) 4:52

Listen 23:38

When Israeli sister trio A-Wa started forming their sound, they went looking for traditional Yemenite folk songs they knew from childhood. They liked the "groove" and "curvy" melodies of the music, and knew they wanted to combine the tunes with hip-hop and reggae.


The Israeli sister trio cross musical boundaries by mixing Yemenite folk music with modern genres, and cross language boundaries by singing in Arabic. (Balkan Beat Box)

Tair, Tagel, and Liron Haim — and yes, they were known as the Haim Sisters before A-Wa — are Jewish, but sing in Arabic, resulting in music that has found popularity in Israel and neighbouring Muslim nations.

It's even earned A-Wa shout-outs from the popular Muslim-hipster Facebook page, "Mipsterz".

A-WA - Ya Raitesh Al Warda (Live)4:15

WEB EXTRA | The sisters put a new spin on a traditional folk song with Habib Galbi. Watch the video below, which features the trio in hot pink hijabs.