Tuesday October 06, 2015

Singing conductor Barbara Hannigan: 'You just become the music'

Barbara Hannigan, the "soprano conductor" in studio q 12:23

Renowned Canadian opera singer Barbara Hannigan joins Shad to discuss her rare talent for conducting and singing — at the same time. She also reflects on how the male-dominated conventions of opera are changing.

"When I was a kid, I didn't even realize women could be conductors," says the soprano, adding that, today, she doesn't think of herself conductor with qualifiers. 

"When I think of myself conducting, I don't think 'female conducting' ... you just become the music." 

Hannigan makes her North American debut in Toronto on Wednesday night.

Barbara Hannigan

Barbara Hannigan conducts Mysteries of the Macabre in Rome. (Musacchio and Ianniello)


WEB EXTRA | Watch Hannigan perform below.