Tuesday March 15, 2016

Speed Sisters: all-female racing team pushes limits in the Arab world

Amber Fares - Speed Sisters 11:34

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Adrenaline-seeking female street racers.
Supportive crowds of cheering men.
Not a checkpoint or roadblock in sight. 

Speed Sisters is a new documentary about five women tearing up race circuits in the West Bank — one that burns right through several common assumptions. 

Canadian filmmaker Amber Fares catches up with the team in her debut documentary, which profiles five Palestinian women who formed the Arab world's first all-female street racing team.  The filmmaker joins Shad to discuss her award-winning film, which has become a fan favourite in festivals around the world.


Noor Daoud is one of five female drivers burning up the speed racing circuit in the West Bank. (Tanya Habjouqa)

Speed Sisters

Speed Sisters

Speed Sisters

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for Speed Sisters below. The film is playing in Toronto all week at the Bloor Cinema. 

SPEED SISTERS - Official Trailer from SocDoc Studios on Vimeo.