Tuesday January 12, 2016

Beatlebone transports John Lennon to an uninhabited island

Imagine there's just Lennon. It's easy if you try.

Imagine there's just Lennon. It's easy if you try. (1968 CP file photo + Lisa Williams/Flickr CC)

The late John Lennon was an international icon — but also something of an enigma. Many have wondered what was really going on behind those little round glasses. 

With a bit of research and a lot of imagination, Irish author Kevin Barry has crafted one theory. His new novel Beatlebone springboards from a true fact: the ex-Beatle once bought an uninhabited island off the coast of Ireland that he rarely visited.

Barry imagines a fatigued and fame-burdened Lennon on a pilgrimage to that island in 1978, seeking solitude, reflection and a place to let out some primal screams. 

The author joins guest host Gill Deacon to share what happens next. 


Kevin Barry had this weird image in mind as channelled John Lennon for Beatlebone. (CP File Photo + JOH_0301/Flickr CC)