Tuesday December 06, 2016

Blind film critic Tommy Edison doesn't miss a thing in his reviews

Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison

Blind Film Critic Tommy Edison (Chris Farina)

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Tommy Edison is the film buff behind the YouTube channel Blind Film Critic. He explains how dialogue can really set the scene and guides us through the process of watching films when you're blind.

Edison generally doesn't use described video. "What I'll do is just sit and listen to everything," he explains, "I'm not distracted by all that stuff on screen." Edison has been blind from birth but it hasn't stopped him from becoming a trusted film critic.

Clerks is one of his favourite films because it is dialogue driven. "From the moment it starts you just can't turn away," says Edison and there is nothing necessary to see. Like Clerks,  Edison says Goodfellas "is so good, that if you were to just hear it on the radio, you would be able to follow along with it and have no problem." You can feel the tension in the scene from all the colourful dialogue the critic notes, "what difference does a facial expression make?"

He is always a little worried when a movie is in 3D. Will the dialogue take a back seat to the complicated camera techniques and fun visuals? Edison says that's not always the case and points to Scorsese's Hugo as the perfect example of a 3D movie that still pays lots of attention to the dialogue, music, and sound effects.

"I don't think I'm missing anything," Edison admits and with reviews this thorough, it's hard to argue.

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