Tuesday December 13, 2016

'I will fight for the right to be you': Lizzo on body positivity and activism

Lizzo - Hearing Emojis and The Feeling Good As Hell 3:24

Listen 19:47

Well before the days of #effyourbeautystandards or the word "feminism" being projected onto our TV screens, Lizzo was preaching messages of empowerment. "I've always been this way," she explains. "I'm definitely all for all those movements and I have an opinion on all of them, and I will fight for the right to be you and to be beautiful and to be accepted."

This makes the age of the social media the perfect time for the Minneapolis hip hop artist to seize the moment and promote her music and message. With powerful anthems like "My Skin" and "Good as Hell," Lizzo is giving the world something that she never got growing up. "This generation of teenagers is very fortunate to have people on Instagram to look to," she says. "All of these hashtags that lead to these women who look like me is really, really inspiring and exciting; I didn't have that."

"The term 'body positivity' only exists because of body shaming," she continues. "People should naturally be body positive and body positivity should be something that's built into our culture."