Thursday October 29, 2015

Shirley Manson talks 20 years of Garbage

Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson on "20 Years Queer" 24:52

Shirley Manson says it's dangerous to live in the past — but on the 20th anniversary of Garbage's landmark debut, the frontwoman is making an exception. 

In 1995, Garbage emerged with a new form of rock music that was truly alternative. Songs like Stupid Girl hitched distorted electric guitars to seductive dance rhythms.

Today, Manson joins Shad to talk about the self-titled album that shifted the course of pop music, and why she refused to listen to her own band's record for two decades. Describing herself as "a bit of a weirdo", Manson says her band's never quite fit into any scene. 

"We were all determined not to be a cliche of success," she says. 

Shirley Manson

Forget success — Garbage's Shirley Manson says failure fuelled surprising determination. (Ben Shannon/CBC)