Thursday November 05, 2015

Why ballet needs ground-breaking 'pop star' Misty Copeland

Nelson George on Balerina "Pop Star" Misty Copeland 17:46

A Ballerina's Tale is a new documentary that brings together two fascinating people: the subject, Misty Copeland, and well-known director-producer Nelson George.

Copeland is the first black woman to be a principal dancer at a major international company. She's a groundbreaker, and a crossover figure who's toured with Prince and collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma.

George, a filmmaker and critic specializing in African-American culture, brings a unique lens to her story. He follows Misty Copeland at a major turning point in her career.

Today he joins Shad to discuss the surprising ways Copeland is challenging the culture and aesthetic of the artform. 

A Ballerina's Tale

Celebrated filmmaker Nelson George on the elaborate dance between filmmaker and subject. (Oskar Landi)

WEB EXTRA | Watch the trailer for A Ballerina's Tale below.